Web Design Tutoring

Have you always wanted to create your own website but thought that it’s too hard for you? DEDO Web has the answer for you: YOU’RE WRONG!

Located in the heart of Toronto (Ontario), DEDO Web is a Certified Web Designer with 15 years of experience in the field and a solid experience in tutoring Web Design mainly to absolute beginners for as low as:

$25/hour in specific areas of the GTA;
$30/hour mainly outside the GTA;

Web Design Group Tutoring is an option too! Contact DEDO Web to have a better idea of what rate would apply to you based on the meeting location and/or the amount of people interested!


DEDO Web will walk you through:

the creation of web pages (HTML);
the formatting of web pages (CSS);
the compatibility of your webpage(s) across different devices (Bootstrap);
the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tecniques to bump up your website on Google and on other search engines;
...more if interested (Photoshop, JavaScript,...).

Website Content Editing

Do you have a website and need to update it on a regular basis but don’t have the time or the skills to do it?

DEDO Web can take care of any website update or change that you have to apply for as low as $30/hour or for a “deal” depending on the amount of work required.

Contact DEDO Web in order to get a quote and/or references of websites where this kind of service was provided!

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